Chapter 118 He Did Not Dare To Touch Luke's Woman

The man in the RV wore a black suit and a white shirt. He sat on the dark gray sofa and had his work laptop in front of him. He was focused as he stared at the constantly changing data on his screen. He said to his son in a busy tone, “If you’re having second thoughts about going in, we can go back.” When Blanche heard this, he immediately grabbed and hugged Jason's thigh. "Uncle Jason, bring me in." Jason patted the kid and smiled. The door of the RV was closed, and the vehicle was just parked at the entrance which was a no-parking spot. The exterior design of the RV made it seem extremely private and secured. The doorman was very polite and did not dare try to peer into the RV. As for the other cars, they could only stop behind because the black Bentley RV was blocking the road in front of the entrance. After their bosses got off, the drivers had to take a detour to drive away. The bosses who got off took a look at the RV with the eye-catching license plate number. However, th

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