Chapter 117 Daddy Cared About Aunt Bea The Most Out Of Everyone

"Ex-boyfriend?" Blanche was poking his steak with his knife. When he heard his uncle’s words, he raised his head and looked at him. Rainie also raised her head, blinking. Her thick, jet-black eyelashes were twinkling. After being stared at by his little nephew and little niece, Louis explained with embarrassment, "Yeah, ex-boyfriend. Uh… Just before your daddy, Aunt Bea’s boyfriend..." After he explained, he felt as if a cold knife had been thrown at him. When he looked up, it was Luke with the inexplicably injured arm. After Blanche and Rainie heard his explanation, they looked at Daddy together. "Working in the same department as her ex-boyfriend? What a mess!" Susan chimed in. In the past few days, Susan had sort of been shooed out by her son. She was shooed off to play poker and cards, or shooed off to the cabin in the woods to get away from the city. Susan was not stupid and could guess why he did that. Allison's son had a woman, and when he brought her back to meet the fa

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