Chapter 113 Hoping That Daddy Would Not Misunderstand Aunt Bea

When the waitress got back to her station, she saw the little boy tightly pulling the corner of Aunt Bea's clothes as he looked timidly at the big and tall father. The cold-looking dad with a stern face looked at the kid hiding behind Aunt Bea. Bianca crouched down and picked up Blanche’s two pairs of shoes, his cartoon toothbrush, his watch, a few scattered T-shirts, and shorts, packing them back into the square yellow suitcase. When Bianca closed the suitcase, she realized that the lock was broken. "Excuse me, do you have tape here?" Bianca got up and asked the cashier. "Yes, please wait for a minute. I'll look for it." The waitress lowered her head and started rummaging. She found it in the drawer. Bianca took it, crouched down, and wrapped the suitcase with the duct tape. In any case, the suitcase could no longer be repaired or reused, so she just focused on keeping the little guy's belongings inside it. She wrapped the suitcase nicely. Blanche lowered his head and said to

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