Chapter 112 Luke Could Not Hold His Anger Any Longer!

When the little guy threw himself at Bianca, she was thrown off balance and fell on a cushion. No matter how hard she tried to control herself, her heart still beat uncontrollably. Her heartbeat clearly told her how nervous and scared she was then. "Boohoo..." Blanche cried desperately. His tiny and short stature made him look even more pitiful. Bianca patted the little guy and looked at the thick bandage wrapped around his knee. She had seen some blood stains on it from the moment she saw him. However, the fact that the cast was removed meant that he was not injured too badly. "Are you okay?" Brayden was worried about Bianca's fall. Fortunately, Brayden reacted quickly and placed a soft cushion underneath her. When Brayden glanced at the child, he was about to persuade the child that if he had a problem, he should talk about it with his dad and not to hold on to a stranger. However, before Brayden could say anything, his phone rang. "Hello, Mr. Larson," Brayden answered. Mr.

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