Chapter 9

Very soon, Jeremy Quest walked in. After making his way through the door, he pulled a chair out and sat in front of the computer. After that, Jeremy Quest sighed helplessly before softly brushing Xyla Quest’s hair. “I spoke too harshly to you yesterday. I would like to apologize.” Xyla shook her head calmly. “Dad, it’s alright. I know you were just too upset yesterday.” “To be honest, I thought about it after calming down. Even if you did those things, I think it’s reasonable… “After all, they were too mean to you.” Jeremy gritted his teeth when he recalled what those people had done. Xyla was touched by what her father said. She then leaned her head against Jeremy’s shoulder and said softly, “Dad, thank you for being on my side.” “Silly girl, I’m your father. If I weren’t on your side, whose side would I be on?” Jeremy asked. Xyla smiled like a naïve kid. “Sometimes, I think about whether I have made the mistake of remarrying after your mother passed away. “If I hadn’t remarried, you would be the only daughter I ever have. Conflicts like this would not have happened. “You wouldn’t have had to roam outside on your own for three years,” Jeremy uttered. He sighed once again. “I am very sorry.” Xyla shook her head. “Dad, you didn’t do anything wrong to me. Everyone has their right to search for happiness.” “As for Emily being engaged to that jerk from the Sullivan family, there’s nothing you can do about it now. It would have been better if they weren’t engaged. However, it has already happened… I hope you can understand,” Jeremy said. “Dad, I understand… Besides, there’s no reason for you to stop them. I don’t have feelings for Tom Sullivan anymore,” Xyla replied. “I’m glad you are so considerate. Can you tell me where you have been for the past three years? To be honest, I did not believe it when Tom Sullivan told me that you eloped with someone else.” Xyla immediately felt a warm sensation spreading in her heart. “I went to America to receive medical treatment,” Xyla answered. “At the time, my heart had gone cold. I didn’t want anyone to bother me. That’s why… I’m sorry… “What about you? Why did you gradually give up on searching for me? Did you lose hope in me? Or did you think I was dead?” Xyla questioned. “Back then, I had nearly combed the entire world. However, I couldn’t find anything. Later, I went to a famous fortune-teller to ask for help. The man told me that you are still alive and that you would return very soon.” Jeremy Quest had always been a superstitious person and was a firm believer in fortune-telling. He had chosen May Conner over many other women in the past because a fortune-teller had told him that she would bring good fortune to his business for the century to come. “Alright, go on and play. I’ll make my way out now. Don’t go out in the afternoon. I’ll cook something personally so that we can have a good meal together at home.” “Okay…” As for everything else, Xyla did not go on to explain further. Therefore, Jeremy did not ask any other questions as well. *** After playing a round of League of Legends match, Xyla Quest was called by a servant to eat downstairs. Therefore, she turned her computer off and stretched her arms before heading downstairs. When Xyla entered the dining room, Jeremy Quest, Emily Quest, and May Conner were already seated. Jeremy was reading the newspaper. When May and Emily saw Xyla, their faces turned cold. Xyla chose to ignore them as she sat across Emily. As soon as she sat down, Georgie Clementine sent her a trainee recruitment poster for X Entertainment to her on WeChat. Xyla immediately opened it… When Emily saw the poster on Xyla’s phone, she commented coolly, “Can just anyone become a celebrity these days? “Have you looked in a mirror? I can’t believe you would dream of joining the entertainment industry,” Emily snorted. However, Xyla could not be bothered to answer Emily as she continued to study the poster. “What’s wrong with Xyla?” Jeremy asked coldly. Emily began to stammer as she tried to explain, “Dad, I don’t mean anything else. I was just saying that working in the entertainment industry requires more capabilities than just good looks. “Xyla Quest can’t even sing or dance…” Emily rolled her eyes at Xyla as she said this. Sensing that the mood was turning awry, May looked at Jeremy with a sweet smile. “Darling, Emily’s mid-term results are just out. She made it into the top fifty in the Economics and Management stream…” “Hmm, not bad…” Jeremy complimented. “Xyla, you should learn from your little sister. I remember that you used to come last in your class, never mind the stream you were in. Since you’ve returned, go back to school and continue studying. “Girls should learn more useful stuff,” May added. Indeed, Xyla did not do very well academically when she was in university. Due to her hideous looks, she despised going out, never mind going to school. Consequently, her results were always terrible. “That’s enough. Be quiet for a while, you two,” Jeremy Quest commanded. He then turned to look gently at Xyla. “Xyla, since you’ve returned, have a good rest for the next few days. You can return to your former university and study Economics after that.” Xyla slowly sipped on her orange juice before replying, “Dad, I’ve already graduated from America’s Summerland University with a degree in Economics and Management this year.” When Emily and May heard this, their eyes widened in shock. They then turned to look at Jeremy. “What university did you say it was?” May seemed to be in a state of disbelief. Emily’s jaw dropped. America’s Summerland University? That was the most prestigious university in the entire world. Countless successful alumni in the world came from that university. In fact, many of the world’s presidents and wealthy people in business all graduated from that university. It was nearly impossible to receive admission into that university. As such, Emily suddenly felt that her results of making it into the top fifty at her school were not even worth mentioning. “Xyla, don’t brag if it’s not true. You ought to know that ordinary people can’t even get into Summerland University. “Besides, even if you made it into the university, how could you possibly graduate within three years? Most universities require you to study for four years, isn’t that so?” May still refused to believe it. “Aunty, didn’t you know that students with good results can graduate in advance?” Xyla asked calmly before turning to look at Jeremy. “Dad, this is my graduation photo…” After that, Xyla searched for the photo and showed it to Jeremy Quest. In the picture, she stood in front of Summerland University’s main entrance with a graduation certificate in her hands. There was a broad smile on her face. “So, you’ve been in America for the past three years. While receiving medical treatment, you also went to university. In fact, you were studying at the best university in the world, Summerland University. Is that so?” Jeremy asked.