Chapter 10

“That’s right… Dad, look, this is the list of top achievers in our class. That’s me.” After that, Xyla Quest scrolled through the pictures of her results one at a time, showing them to Jeremy Quest. She came first on nearly every single list! Jeremy was pleasantly surprised. Although Xyla did rather well in high school, she was definitely not talented enough to get into a university like this. However, after leaving home, she had gotten into this university, she was even the best performing student. “My baby girl, you are outstanding!” Jeremy could not hide the pride in his smile. Now, all Jeremy could think about was Xyla’s excellent performance in academics. Clearly, he had forgotten all about Emily Quest being in the top fifty in her stream. The feeling of being ignored and outshone made Emily feel very miserable. Although Atlantis University was a famous university within the country, it was not worth mentioning compared to Summerland University. Emily gritted her teeth. “What’s so great about that? It’s just Summerland University.” As soon as Emily spoke, May Conner kicked her foot under the table and gave her a look, which hinted that she should shut up. “What are you capable of other than being a tyrant at home? What’s so great about it? If you are so capable, show me that you can do the same!” Jeremy yelled loudly. While Xyla listened to their conversation, she silently continued to eat. Without any intention to interrupt, Xyla seemed only to be an observer. Since Jeremy never liked Emily’s personality, he felt increasingly annoyed by his younger daughter after finding out what she did to Xyla. “Oh, right, a new building is under construction in the city center. We’re looking for an ambassador for Imperial Prime. Do you have a suitable recommendation?” Jeremy asked. Emily immediately answered, “Of course it should be Josh Batton. If he becomes the ambassador, our brand will make a lot of sales.” “Stop talking about things that aren’t realistic. Who do you think Josh Batton is?” Jeremy asked. “As long as the money offered is enough, he would be willing to endorse the brand. Isn’t Josh Batton’s cost of endorsement twenty million dollars? Let’s offer him thirty million dollars instead. I doubt he would refuse.” Emily had been a long-time fan of Josh Batton. Although she often went with her friends to Josh Batton’s concert and participated in his fan meetings, she never had the opportunity to get up close and personal. If they managed to hire him as their ambassador, Emily would have such an opportunity. By then, she would be able to show off to her friends yet again! “Aren’t you generous? Offering thirty million dollars just like that,” Xyla said calmly before putting her orange juice glass down. “Although it is a little expensive, the returns will be far greater. Don’t you know how powerful Josh Batton’s fans are? Besides, I believe his company would agree if I approached them personally.” Emily seemed fully confident. “Why?” Xyla felt speechless about Emily’s confidence. “Because I have money,” Emily said. “Dad, do you really want Josh Batton?” Xyla asked. “I do. I don’t mind paying thirty million dollars… But it is difficult to get him,” Jeremy said. “I’ll get this person for you with ten million dollars,” Xyla said. Emily rolled her eyes. “Ten million dollars for Josh Batton. Who do you think you are? “Why are you so sure that you can get Josh Batton to agree to such a low price? Do you think you are his boss? Would he do whatever you ask of him?” Xyla could not resist chuckling a little. ‘Aren’t I his boss?’ “What are you laughing at?” Emily seemed annoyed. “Nothing…” Xyla said. “Let’s make a bet. If you can get him with ten million dollars, I’ll use the thirty million dollars to… Whoever can’t get him will lose. By then, the loser will have to agree to the winner’s single request. The request must be fulfilled, no matter what.” Emily was certain that Xyla would definitely not be able to hire Josh Batton. Although thirty million dollars might be possible, ten million dollars was far too little. Emily would use this opportunity to make a fool out of Xyla. She would make Xyla kneel before her and beg for her forgiveness! “Emily, don’t go too far,” Jeremy said coldly. “Dad, this is just a bet between us sisters. How is it going too far? Besides, it’s still not certain who would win,” Emily added. “A nuisance.” Jeremy’s expression turned gloomy. “Fine. I accept your bet. However, you must keep your promise if you lose,” Xyla said decisively. “Deal. What if the loser fails to comply?” Emily asked. “She will have to give up all of the Quest family’s inheritance. How about that?” Xyla suggested. “Deal…” Emily snapped her fingers. She would be able to get Josh Batton for sure. With thirty million dollars, she would be the winner for sure. As for Xyla, she was miles away from beating Emily. “Dad, shall we seal the deal then?” Xyla looked at Jeremy with a kind look on her face. Jeremy looked deeply into Xyla’s eyes before shaking his head helplessly. “Fine. Do what you want.” After that, he wiped his mouth with a napkin before standing up and leaving the dining room. “Xyla Quest, just wait to be tortured by me. I will get you to broadcast yourself barking like a dog on the internet and make you give up the right to take over Dad’s company. Make sure you are prepared,” Emily spoke as if she had already won. Since their father said that she only knew how to be a tyrant at home, Emily would prove him wrong. Besides, Emily had been very annoyed with Xyla recently. This time, she would defeat Xyla and embarrass her in every way possible. Meanwhile, Xyla left without even looking at Emily. *** At precisely eight o’clock in the evening, Xyla Quest entered Dreamland Hotel’s Rainforest Windy Night room. Dressed in a light orange wool sweater, a white flowery dress, and light orange high heel boots, she seemed unusually approachable. There wasn’t any jewelry in the world that could outshine her. When she walked in, Josh Batton, Georgie Clementine, and the other managerial staff of X Entertainment were already seated at a table. The most attractive people here were undoubtedly Josh Batton and Georgie Clementine. Dressed in a simple white hoodie and a black cap, Josh Batton had no make-up on. His smile was near perfection. Even by just sitting there, he shone brighter than the stars in the sky. Meanwhile, next to him, Georgie Clementine wore a pink tuxedo with a white shirt on the inside. She had very light make-up on. With her black hair tidily groomed around her, she seemed like a working professional on television. There was a formidable quality to her beauty, which made her feel somewhat unapproachable. Although these two appeared to have contrasting personalities, there was a sense of harmony when they sat next to each other. Right then, everyone was chatting away happily. When they saw Xyla Quest walking in, they became silent almost unanimously. After that, they stood up and greeted her, “President Xyla, nice to meet you.” Xyla nodded at them with a slight smile before sitting down in an empty seat next to Josh. “What were you all talking about?” Xyla asked. “Oh, nothing much. We’re just talking about the trainee recruitment our company will be running soon…” Georgie said. Beep. Beep. Beep. While Georgie was speaking, her phone rang. There was an email in her inbox. Georgie immediately opened it. The email was from Emily Quest. It was an invitation for Josh Batton to endorse the Quest family’s new real estate at thirty million dollars. Georgie was in a dilemma as to whether she should cry or laugh. She directly handed her phone over to Xyla. “President Xyla, what is this woman up to?”

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