Chapter 954

When Xyla Quest heard that, she was instantly dumbfounded. Her mind went blank. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Two days ago, Emily Quest was still boasting about how she would deal with Xyla in the future. How did she die just like that? And how did May Conner die so suddenly too? “How did they die?” Xyla asked. Stanley Batton could vaguely overhear the conversation between Xyla and her father. His facial expression instantly became serious. He didn’t say anything, but he quickly sat up and moved closer to Xyla so that he could hear what Jeremy was saying. “Emily killed herself. Your aunt suddenly had a cerebral hemorrhage… They both died yesterday,” Jeremy said. This sudden news left Xyla in a state of disbelief. She really didn’t think the two of them would end up like this. The other day, when Xyla saw Emily, Emily didn’t look like she would kill herself at all. Emily even said through gritted teeth that she would get her revenge against Xyla once she got

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