Chapter 953

Under the warm, gentle light, Xyla Quest’s face seemed like a peeled lychee fruit that was soft and delicate. Her eyes were shining brightly like a thousand stars. When Stanley Batton looked at her face, he felt as if a once empty space in his heart had been instantly filled. This woman was way too beautiful. No matter how often he looked at her, he would still be impressed. “Tell me, why are you so pretty? Hmm?” Stanley’s eyes were filled with affection. Xyla’s smile widened. “Hmm… It’s most probably because my parents both looked good…” “Hmm… Xyla Quest, I think I’ve fallen head over heels in love with you. What do I do?” Stanley said. Before meeting Xyla, Stanley never thought he’d one day fall for a woman like this. Even more so, he never thought he’d be this interested in any woman. In fact, he would feel disturbed for not seeing her for a single day. He wished he could tie this woman to his waist and bring her with him wherever he went. His straightforward words made Xy

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