Chapter 942

“Have you read the novel before?” Sebastian Brenand asked. “Yeah, I have.” “There’s a fairy called Elvenia in the story. You know her, right?” Xyla Quest nodded in response. She was aware of this character. She was the most beautiful woman in Wingardium. Her beauty had impressed both the mortal and immortal worlds. She was the daughter of God Aljar. Though she was just a minor role in the story, she had left a lasting impression on the readers. The author had once mentioned that she was so beautiful that everyone else would fade into the background when she smiled. Elvenia had only appeared in a few chapters in the web novel. Three hundred years ago, she fell in love with a human when she visited the mortal world. However, their relationship had violated the rules in Wingardium. Aljar was furious about it. He ordered the killing of the mortal man and took Elvenia back to Wingardium. He locked her up in her room for three hundred years as her punishment for disrespe

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