Chapter 941

Suddenly, the phone vibrated. The vibration awakened Tom Sullivan. Seeing that the detention center was calling him, Tom reluctantly picked up the call. “Hubby…” Emily Quest’s irritating voice pierced his ears. Tom’s face darkened instantaneously. He was in a fractious mood. His sleep-deprived brain was going in circles as he was too high last night. A severe headache almost tore his head apart. On top of that, Emily’s ‘surprise’ call had worsened his headache. “What do you want?” “Hubby, I have something important to tell you. Come to the detention center tomorrow. We’ll talk in person. “You know what’s the consequences if you don’t come. By the way, don’t ever think of killing me. I’ve already passed the evidence of you taking drugs to someone I trust. Your misdeeds will be exposed to the public even if I die,” Emily added. Tom was going to refuse her request. However, Emily’s warning had rendered him speechless. In fact, he had thought of quitting drugs because he

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