Chapter 899

It took Georgie Clementine less than a second to figure out why their names were on the list. She immediately tapped on the first hot topic and scrolled through it. Numerous marketing accounts had shared a post uploaded by Suzie Cobold half an hour ago. Suzie had clearly listed all the artists that had accepted her backdoor deals on the post, and these people are the ones on the trending list. Furthermore, Suzie said that she and X Entertainment’s big boss were a couple. She could do whatever she wanted in the company because her boss favored her. What was more ridiculous was that Suzie tried to smear X Entertainment’s big boss by saying that he or she was a bisexual pervert. She and the big boss often had group sex with the company’s staff. Georgie was not surprised at all. However, even if she had already expected this to happen, she was still smoldering with resentment when she saw the post. She was confident that there was somebody else behind this incident, instruc

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