Chapter 898

Suzie Cobold giggled. “Thank you, Mr. Brown. I promise that I won’t let you down. I’ll keep spreading rumors tomorrow morning. I’m going to name all of them this time… Mr. Brown. May I know why you hate X Entertainment so much? Did their big boss offend you?” “Well, X Entertainment has been going great recently, and that rubs me the wrong way. My artists are going to be jobless soon because of them! I have to do something. I have to defeat them. Otherwise, how are my artists going to survive?” the middle-aged man hissed. “That’s true. The entertainment industry is just like a tiny cake. More and more artists from X Entertainment are becoming famous overnight. In a way, they’re dominating the industry. “The larger piece of cake they took, the lesser cake left… It’s understandable why you hate them.” Suzie fanned the flames of hatred between the two companies. “Exactly. Hence, you have to do your part, Suzie,” the man urged Suzie. “Of course I will. I won’t let you down. You cam

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