Chapter 894

“Grandpa sent me a message this morning. He said that he’s going to stay at Mom and Dad’s place for the next two days, so he won’t be around tonight.” Xyla Quest added. “Yeah, I know. He informed me about it too. Where are we going to eat later?” Stanley changed the subject. “Hmm… I have a craving for seafood.” “Shall we go to the beach then?” Xyla nodded excitedly. Without further ado, Stanley turned to the bodyguard and ordered, “Go to Waterside Hotel.” Waterside Hotel was one of the high-end hotels in Atlantis. It was located by the sea, and that was where its name came from. The per capita consumption of the hotel was extremely high. The people who came here were mainly some moguls. In the past, she often went there with her father for business purposes. Not only was the dining environment nice and cozy, but the seafood there was also very delicious. The hotel’s head chef was the former president’s royal chef. He was an absolutely brilliant cook. He could turn any

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