Chapter 893

The wound was oozing blood. Stanley Batton soon noticed her wound. Without hesitation, he placed his arm around her back and scooped her knees. He lifted her easily and effortlessly, just like the cool hero in the movies. The people who watched them almost died of envy when they saw the man’s unabashed reaction to his wife’s tiny wound. Stanley’s stupendous act had garnered a lot of attention. Xyla Quest’s cheeks instantly turned cherry red, embarrassed. She subconsciously threw her arms around Stanley’s neck and mumbled, “Hey, put me down… Many people are looking at us…” “So what?” Stanley kept a straight face, totally unaffected by the attentive eyes around him. He weaved through the crowd and marched into the elevator. The bodyguards followed closely behind them. As expected, the lovebirds had become the center of attention in the elevator as soon as they set foot inside it. Blush seared through Xyla’s neck when she accidentally met the strangers’ eyes. The rem

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