Chapter 884

“Georgie, I plan to get involved in the field of film and television production on a large scale. Web dramas are trendy now,” Xyla Quest said. “I want to find a few outstanding young directors, producers, executive producers, cinematographers, and screenwriters to invest in the production of web dramas independently. “We’ll use our new actors with high potential, as well as trainees and idols in all of these dramas. “Nowadays, a lot of popular celebrities gain traction through web dramas. As long as we make more high-quality web dramas, making a group of people famous isn’t a problem at all,” Xyla enunciated each word. Georgie Clementine paid full attention to what Xyla said. After a few seconds of silence, Georgie finally nodded. “Yeah. To be honest, I’ve thought about this too… I think it’s very doable. Throughout the years, the popularity of good web dramas has even surpassed some of the dramas starring A-list celebrities,” Georgie said.    Xyla Quest instantly snapped her finge

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