Chapter 883

Mary Sullivan also knew that Xyla Quest had severely impacted her family’s business. When Mary thought of this, she clenched her hand tightly into fists behind Tom Sullivan. “From now on, turn over a new leaf and be a good person. Don’t have any thoughts that you shouldn’t,” Tom advised earnestly. He knew Mary very well, and he also knew what Mary was thinking right now. However, Tom didn’t want Mary to repeat the same mistakes. Besides, he didn’t want Xyla to get hurt again. “I understand…” Mary nodded slightly. After that, Mary quickly pushed Tom aside. “Brother, I saw Emily and May in there. But I didn’t get the chance to speak with them. What happened to those two? Were they also harmed by Xyla, that little b*tch?” When Mary mentioned Emily Quest, Tom’s facial expression immediately turned cold. “They deserve it for what they did… Alright, let’s not talk about them first. Get in the car,” Tom said. With that, Tom pulled Mary by her hand to get into the car with him. Once

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