Chapter 870

The sudden shock made Jeremy Quest’s muscles tense. His heart froze, and his stomach turned cold. Jeremy immediately rose to his feet and rushed to Stanley Batton’s side. His arms trembled in fear as he shook his body. “Stan… Stan… Wake up… What happened to you?” However, Stanley was unconscious. The color quickly drained from his face. He looked as pale as chalk. Terror sucked the very breath from Jeremy’s mouth when he saw Stanley’s ashen face. Trying with all his might, he steadied his breath and carefully placed his finger near Stanley’s nose. A weak, cold air brushed over his finger. Jeremy’s heart finally returned to his chest when he found a sign of breathing from Stanley. Without further ado, he pulled out his phone and dialed 911. *** The ambulance arrived at the doorstep fifteen minutes later. Stanley was sent to Municipal Hospital right away. Jeremy was with him the entire time. Once they arrived at the hospital, Stanley was pushed into the VIP emergency roo

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