Chapter 869

They were both in handcuffs and legcuffs, their faces dull and sallow. May Conner immediately begged for mercy when she saw Jeremy Quest. “Dear, it’s not me… Please believe me…” Though she knew that Jeremy would never believe her, she ought to try it one last time before stepping out of the house. Nevertheless, Jeremy did not even bother to look at her. He lit a cigarette and started smoking again. “Screw you, Xyla! I won’t let you live in peace once I get out of jail! “This isn’t the end! You can count on it! Wait till I regain my freedom… I’ll make your life miserable!” Emily bellowed in agony while she was frogmarched off by several police officers. How she hoped she could rip off Xyla’s skin at that moment. Her voice was sharp and pathetic. The living room was filled with her roar. Instead of rebuking her, Xyla reached for the teacup on the coffee table and leaned on Stanley Batton’s shoulder. Her utter apathy was reflected in her eyes. Emily and May were dragg

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