Chapter 86

“Alright, Dad is going upstairs to rest. You should rest early too. Tom, it’s getting late. You should head home soon,” Jeremy Quest said before standing up and heading upstairs. When Xyla Quest saw him leaving, she could not help but feel her heart aching on his behalf. It must have felt terrible to be betrayed by the person he trusted the most. It must have hurt even more to send the person he loved to jail. After Jeremy left, Xyla began heading upstairs as well. It did not seem like she even wanted to speak to Tom Sullivan. Alas, Xyla had seen through all of Tom’s tricks. He was an absolute jerk who did not even deserve to be looked at. However, just as Xyla arrived at the staircase, Tom immediately ran after her. He took one step further up the stairs to stand in her way. After a second, he wrapped his hands tightly around her shoulders. “I was very worried about you after what happened to Imperial Prime. When I saw how well you handled the situation, I felt very happy for you. Why

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