Chapter 85

“Officers, did you hear that? She admitted it. Take her away immediately! There’s no need to investigate! Also, please investigate my wife. She’s part of this!” Jeremy stood up and said to the police officers. By then, Emily already felt hopeless. She knew this was the end for her. “Brother Sullivan, why don’t you say something to save me? If I’m taken away, our wedding might be indefinitely postponed! The child would be affected too!” Emily immediately turned to look at Tom Sullivan. Since Tom was eager for Emily to be taken away, and he never wanted to marry her anyway, he did not mind that she would be sent to prison. After all, the police officers would keep her child safe once she arrived. Therefore, Tom turned his face away without saying a word. Undoubtedly, Emily felt even more hurt by his attitude. May Conner could no longer take this anymore. She pointed a finger at Tom Sullivan. “Tom, how could you be this inhumane? She is bearing your child!” May yelled at Tom angrily. “Tha

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