Chapter 819

“But you already got married to me. You must be responsible for that,” Henry Armstrong said. No matter what happened, he was going to stick with Georgie Clementine. Georgie’s face darkened. “I got married to you in a game. It’s all made up.” “I don’t care. Whatever it is, you must be responsible for me… Honey…” Henry said. Georgie felt extremely helpless. “Henry, can you show some decency? Who’s your wife?” He looked like a very presentable man, but was he so unreasonable? “You… Didn’t I always call you this in the game? You didn’t refuse me back then. In fact, you also called me honey in the game…” Henry said. Georgie couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him. “That’s because I didn’t know it was you… If I had known, I wouldn’t have even talked to you,” she said. “Things have already gone this far. Let’s just keep going even if it was wrong… Honey…” Henry said. “Don’t call me ‘honey’,” Georgie uttered. “Honey…” Henry repeated. Georgie remained silent. “Honey, you’re already h

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