Chapter 818

After thinking back, Georgie Clementine realized that Henry Armstrong did see her playing Heroes Assemble before. Hence, it wasn’t unlikely that he intentionally got close to her in the game so that he could get closer to her in real life. After recalling a little more, Georgie realized that Cloud Piercer had started getting close to her quite suddenly. Combining all these facts, Georgie felt confident that she was right. Henry did it on purpose. Indeed, he was a womanizer, and he had many ways to get the women he wanted. Before meeting Cloud Piercer, Georgie Clementine used to have many wonderful fantasies. However, all of that vanished now. What kind of future would she have with a womanizer? Earlier in the day, he had brought an underage young lady to go shopping. At night, he came to see his in-game wife. Could a person like this make anyone happy? Georgie glanced at him coldly. “You couldn’t get close to me in real life. Is that why you pretended to be someone else in th

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