Chapter 787

After a lingering kiss, Stanley Batton forced her down and bit her earlobe mischievously. “Tell me… Do you miss me? Hmm?” It was a blatant lie if she said she did not miss him at all. Xyla Quest nodded truthfully. “Which part of you misses me?” “My heart. “Stanley Batton!” Xyla’s face grew redder and redder. Luminous rosiness seared through her cheeks, all the way to her ears and neck. Her heart was about to leap from her throat. The man above her grinned. He leaned forward and met her lips again, hungry yet passionate. *** The man refused to let her go even after they reached home. Xyla slowly rolled over and raised her head, gazing at the man’s mesmerizing face. “How’s the issue in Country Y? Is everything settled?” she asked. “Yeah…” the man mumbled while gently stroking her hair. Every bit of him dwelled in great fondness for her. “That’s pretty fast.” “Of course… I want to see you.” Once again, Xyla was deeply touched by him. Heat rose from her stomach to her

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