Chapter 786

A random guy—with a Maserati steering wheel as his profile picture—sent her an invitation on Messenger. “Shall we get a room tonight?” Emily Quest opened the message and scrolled through his profile. There was not a single picture of him on his timeline. Emily could only find some photos of the countries he visited. There were also a few pictures of his luxury car. Judging from those pictures, Emily could tell that he was a wealthy man. “Sure.” Emily agreed without hesitation. She was already thinking of finding someone in the evening as she was in a bad mood today. She hoped that having a date could help her to relax and unwind. Surprisingly, the wealthy man came to her before she took any action. How could she refuse such a great offer? Emily immediately typed ‘sure’ and sent it to the man. Shortly, the man shared his location with her. He was at Silver International Hotel. “See you at 8809 Presidential Suite at 8.00 p.m. I’ll be waiting for you here,” the man repl

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