Chapter 784

“Oh my, Emily Quest, that b*tch. Here she goes again. Is she out of her mind? Stealing Xyla Quest’s unwanted design as her original and using it to compete with Xyla… Hahaha…” “You’re awesome, Xyla Quest! I can’t believe you have such a hidden talent. Love you!” “Emily Quest is totally no match for Xyla Quest. Does everyone agree with me? Emily, stay away from our little fairy, okay?” “Ahhhh… Xyla Quest is my life goal! She’s both highly attractive and highly intelligent!” “Can Xyla Quest please make her debut as a celebrity? That’s our biggest wish.” After scrolling through the first hot topic for a while, Xyla Quest exited and moved on to the second hot topic. The first thing that caught her eyes was the scoop on her love life disclosed by an employee from Quest Property Group: “This morning, at the Quest Property Group’s grand hall, I saw Stanley Batton give Xyla Quest a bracelet made of Martian meteorite! Ahhhh! He asked her to wear it ‘for fun’ now.” “Do you know why he

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