Chapter 783

He had the most filial son-in-law ever, and he could never find a single flaw on him. After admiring the painting for quite some time, Jeremy Quest carefully rolled it up and placed it back into the case. Then, he averted his gaze back to Xyla Quest. “Xyla, I wonder who in the family are you most like. You’re brilliant. There’s nothing in the world that can baffle you, is there?” “Emily is simply incomparable with you.” Once again, Jeremy’s face darkened at the mention of his terrible daughter. Today, Emily Quest’s behavior had disparaged the whole family. She really was a spoiled brat! Xyla smiled bashfully. “Oh, Dad, you flatter me. I was just bored when I was having medical treatment in Country Y, so I decided to learn some new skills.” “That’s great. I can rest reassured that you’re going to do well even if I retire. The company will definitely have greater success under your guidance.” Jeremy had utter confidence in Xyla. “What happened?” Stanley Batton asked. Jeremy

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