Chapter 741

He took another puff on his cigarette and gritted his teeth at the night skies. “Rachel… Where the hell are you… I miss you so much!” Buzz buzz buzz… Right at that moment, his phone vibrated again. Seeing Jean Hanson’s name on the screen, he sprang from the couch and answered the call right away. “Jean, is there any update about Rachel?” “Master Sebastian, I just found out that Miss Rachel has gone back to her hometown, Edgewater.” “Address. Give me her address now!” “I’ll send it to you on WeChat.” *** Sebastian Brenand received the address from Jean within a second or two. Without hesitation, he took his private plane and flew to Edgewater. It was four o’clock in the morning when he arrived at her hometown. As soon as the plane landed, he rented a car at the airport and sped right to Rachel Wood’s house like a brat losing his mind. Rachel’s house was located in an ordinary neighborhood in the district. There was no one guarding the neighborhood. People could just w

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