Chapter 740

“Yeah… I have one more document to go through…” Stanley Batton held Xyla Quest with one hand while he held a document in his other hand and continued reading it. All the documents he came into contact with contained highly confidential information in the company. However, Stanley never tried to stop Xyla from reading them. The documents were all in a foreign language. Since Xyla was fluent in it, she could read all of it. After reading through the document, Stanley decisively signed his name on it. It was a very cool signature, and it looked almost as good as him in person. After that, Stanley tossed the document onto the table before holding Xyla up and putting her down carefully on the table… Realizing what was about to happen next, Xyla immediately grabbed him by the collar with both hands. “Let’s not do it today.” However, before she even finished speaking, Stanley kissed her. *** Meanwhile, in a luxurious van, Josh Batton crossed one leg over the other as he leaned lazil

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