Chapter 709

Suddenly, everyone Josh Batton had ever worked with before seemed to have vanished into thin air. None of them came out to speak up for him. The person who sabotaged Josh must have been unusually powerful to influence so many well-known people to speak against Josh. “Knock, knock, knock—” Right then, Xyla Quest could hear someone knocking on the door frantically. “Come in…” Xyla looked at the door. Very quickly, the door opened. Georgie Clementine came in and walked over to Xyla hastily in her high heels… “There’s someone else behind this…” Georgie said with a frown. “Who is it?” Xyla asked. “Shawn Gilbert…” Georgie said. “Him? Did Josh do anything to offend him?” Xyla asked. Shawn Gilbert… He was the son of someone who governed a district in the country. Shawn was already a middle-aged man, and he had been quite actively investing in drama series and films within the entertainment industry. He was quite famous in the entertainment industry too. “Hmm… I just asked Josh a

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