Chapter 708

“Also, some marketing accounts are constantly making a big deal out of the teacher, who is Josh’s fan asking students to support him. It’s still widely being discussed. “I’ve already found out that the group chat consists of anti-fans pretending to be the teacher, students, and parents who replied. They are all professional keyboard warriors working for those two companies… “Next, after Josh is proven to be completely innocent, I’ll release all this information…” Georgie said. “Hmm…” Xyla Quest murmured. “Also, other companies of various in the industry have all been inspired to do the same. They are all planning on contributing to this mess. Based on what I know, apart from King Entertainment, all the other companies are all secretly waiting for an opportunity to strike…” Georgie added. Xyla snorted coldly. “We didn’t do anything wrong, so we don’t have to be afraid. If they want to stir things up, let them. We’ll ride through the storm and, once things calm down, we’ll show them

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