Chapter 705

Number seven trending topic, ‘#Josh Batton has poor taste# Shocking!’ Number eight trending topic, ‘#Josh Batton’s company makes an announcement# Shocking!’ This was the first time in Xyla Quest’s life that she saw such a spectacle on the list of trending topics. Not only were the eight most trending topics all about the same person, but there was the word ‘shocking’ behind each title. Josh Batton’s fans and onlookers were engaged in fierce arguments on each topic. “I’m just an onlooker, and I just want to say that Josh’s fans are really hopeless. Do you still believe that Josh is innocent? Anyway, Josh has a really poor taste in women. That prostitute is so ugly.” “I believe in Josh, no matter what. Didn’t you see his company’s announcement? He’s innocent.” “I don’t want to be Josh’s fan anymore. All his fans are idiots. Do you really think his company would admit he was wrong?” “Whenever celebrities are exposed for doing such things, their companies would always deny at first

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