Chapter 704

“He even claims that he didn’t do drugs at all, and he suspects that the woman must have put the bag of drugs under his couch when he wasn’t paying attention… “It was clear that the woman came prepared because she brought those tools along. “President Xyla, this is a coordinated attack. Someone must have carefully planned this to drag Josh down. “Josh has gotten too popular in the past few years. He’s dominated the entire entertainment industry by at least two-thirds of the figurative pie. Naturally, there are a lot of people who wish him dead.” Georgie Clementine sounded unusually serious. “Also, the woman had barely been there for a minute when the cops barged through the door…” Georgie added. After hearing all this, Xyla Quest became extremely mad. Ever since she stepped into the entertainment industry, she had heard of many incidents like this. The entertainment industry was a dark place. As long as you were famous, there would be people who want to defame you. That was bec

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