Chapter 630

Xyla Quest found it quite rewarding to be the boss of her favorite players. Henry Armstrong stood up right away, and lazily approached Xyla. “I’ve brought you the guy you wanted. Have a good chat. I have to leave first,” he said. “Aren’t you going to stay and eat with us?” Xyla asked confusedly. Henry shook his head, helplessly. “Something’s off about Sebastian. I have to check on him,” he said. Xyla had always been under the impression that Sebastian was a heartless man. Hence, she was surprised to learn from Henry that Sebastian was not his usual self. “What’s up with him?” Xyla asked. “The only thing that affects him is his relationship with women. Rachel Wood left him. He’s probably feeling sad about it. Don’t worry. He’s a heartless guy, and he’ll be fine in a few days,” Henry replied. Xyla had never thought that Sebastian would feel sad over a girl. In the past, he used to date around very frequently. It was as if he never truly cared about any of those women. However, Xy

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