Chapter 629

Xyla Quest looked confused. She immediately opened Weibo to check it out. Right then, she saw her name on the list of trending topics. Xyla knew what had happened right away. She covered her forehead, but she didn’t tap on any of the links. After closing Weibo, she continued to look around the building with the management staff members. To be honest, the second floor wasn’t huge. Apart from the players and the coach’s room, there was also a physiotherapy room, a gym, and a counseling room. They finished the full tour within an hour. After that, the management staff members brought Xyla back to the first floor. Xyla was the first to sit down by the coffee table. The management staff members were all hesitant, and none of them dared to sit down first. “Sit…” Xyla immediately smiled at them warmly. Only then did they all sit down together. Xyla jumped right in. “I believe all of you are feeling very insecure because of the new change in ownership. Isn’t that so?” Xyla asked. Eve

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