Chapter 624

Besides, Adler Finley had declared that ‘Team EW’ would be renamed into ‘Team QPG’, which was the abbreviation of Quest Property Group. He had full confidence that Team QPG would have a bright future under the guidance of Quest Property Group. Xyla Quest would also strengthen the team’s line-up by taking in more legendary players. The number of comments and shares below the post had already exceeded one hundred thousand… The post had just been uploaded a minute ago. As observed, this matter had successfully received the public’s close attention. “???? Is Xyla Quest interested in the gaming industry? That’s totally unexpected. She’s a girl, though. How much does she know about video games?” “Taking in legendary players? What kind of legendary players can she find? All the legendary players are not for sale! No matter how rich she is, there’s no way she can buy them, okay?” “I have searched for Xyla’s photo just now. Well, she doesn’t look like an expert in video games at all. Is

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