Chapter 623

“No need.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” “I’ll leave it to you then,” Xyla Quest replied cheerfully. Hanging up the phone, Xyla could feel her mood lifting instantaneously. She returned to her work energetically, her spirits flying high. After going through two documents, Stanley Batton gave her a call again. Xyla answered without hesitation. “Henry said that he’d sell Alex to you as long as you take over Team EW. He’s not going to charge you any transfer fee, so just forget about that. As for the price, Henry told me that it’s currently worth three million one hundred thousand. However, if Alex joins your team, he hopes that you can raise it to three million eight hundred thousand…” “Sure. No problem,” Xyla simply agreed. Owning a World’s Number One Top Solo with an annual payment of three million eight hundred thousand dollars was a sure-fire investment for her clubhouse. This player was the most famous Top Solo in the entire league. His skills and popularity were unbeatable

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