Chapter 606

Very soon, a familiar yet gloomy face appeared. Just as Xyla Quest had thought, this woman had brought her here. It was Ada. At this moment, Ada stood before her. She was wearing a body-hugging black dress while a black coat draped over her shoulders. With intricately heavy makeup on, she looked like a female mafia boss in the movies. There was a large group of people behind her, and they were all men dressed in black. Like her, they had blonde hair and blue eyes. Each of their faces showed a murderous expression. When Ada saw Xyla, her face seemed even fiercer. Xyla subconsciously struggled to set herself free, but it didn’t help at all. Due to the large force Xyla exerted, she ended up hurting herself with the rope tightly wrapped around her body. Very soon, Ada arrived in front of Xyla and slapped her hard across the face. Feeling the painful burning sensation on her face, Xyla felt an even more intense level of hatred for Ada. “Ada… If you don’t want Skyview Hotel to be

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