Chapter 605

Xyla Quest pushed Tom Sullivan’s hands away and glared at him coldly. “Sorry, but I can’t help you,” she said. In the past, Xyla would’ve felt sorry for Tom right away and gave in to his request. Now, she didn’t feel anything at all. Without looking at Tom again, she decisively walked into the building. Tom immediately started running after her, but two security guards stopped him by the entrance. “Xyla… Xyla…” Tom shouted without care for his reputation. Xyla continued walking without turning back. Disappointed, Tom took a step back. He had a thoroughly exhausted expression on his face. What else could he do? He really was going mad! *** Due to an excessive workload, Xyla could only wrap up her work at around seven o’clock in the evening. After turning her computer off, Xyla realized how badly her shoulders and neck were aching. Having stood up and moved around a little, she felt much better. Only then, she put on her body-hugging black coat and walked out the door. Just

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