Chapter 595

The doctor let out a long sigh. “Yeah, she’s fine. The bleeding has stopped, and she’s in stable condition now. For now, she will have to stay in the hospital and be observed for a week. “Also, you must pay close attention. Until her next cycle of period occurs, you mustn’t sleep with each other,” the doctor said seriously. Sebastian Brenand nodded. “Also, don’t let her eat anything spicy or overwhelming. Try to make sure she eats bland stuff for the next two days…” The doctor added. Sebastian nodded again. He made a mental note of everything the doctor said. Right then, Rachel Wood was brought out from the operating room. Her clothes had been replaced with a brand-new set of a blue-and-white striped hospital gown. With her face pale and her lips blue, she looked like a small, fragile flower hanging loosely by the cliff. Sebastian’s heart tightened painfully yet again. Sebastian quickly walked up to Rachel and helped the medical staff around to bring her to her ward. After that

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