Chapter 594

When Sebastian Brenand saw what happened, his heart tightened, and he began to feel goosebumps all over his head. The bleeding became worse, and soon blood covered nearly half of the bed. Although Sebastian had seen what happened when women went through their periods, he had never seen this much blood on those occasions. Hence, he knew that Rachel Wood was lying! Sebastian quickly carried Rachel in his arms and ran out of the door. After placing her in the backseat of his car, he stepped on the accelerator and sped off. He drove extremely fast on the road. Meanwhile, Rachel continued to bleed, and her face was getting paler by the second. In the car’s enclosed space, the strong scent of blood wafting through Sebastian’s nose made him feel even more panicked. What happened to her? Although Sebastian had gone through many challenges growing up, and had been with many women before, he had never felt like this before. He had never felt this worried about anyone. Very soon, they

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