Chapter 569

“No…” Stanley Batton said before hugging Xyla Quest tightly, and the two engaged in a passionate exchange. After a long while, Stanley finally let go of Xyla and carried her into the bathroom to get themselves cleaned up. Once they were done, Stanley chirpily headed downstairs to make breakfast. Meanwhile, Xyla dragged her exhausted body over to the dressing table and sat in front of it. When she looked at her reflection in the mirror, she noticed the red markings all over her body. A sense of devastation filled her. Xyla realized there was a lot of covering up to do. After a long, frustrated sigh, she poured a little bit of toner onto her hands and patted it against her face. Beep, beep, beep… Right then, her phone began to ring on the bed. Xyla immediately stood up and continued to pat her face while she walked over to the bed to pick up her phone. When she saw that the call was from her father, she smiled gently. She answered the call before returning to the dressing table

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