Chapter 568

“She must be calling to apologize…” Xyla Quest said. “Yeah. Are you going to forgive her?” Stanley Batton exhaled a puff of smoke before lifting her hand and giving it a gentle peck. “I’m not keen on forgiving her. She doesn’t deserve it,” Xyla said nonchalantly. Xyla knew all too well how the Sullivan family and Bailey Ronson were. If she forgave Bailey this time, she would definitely do something like this again. This time, it was clear that Bailey was bent on destroying her. If Xyla let it slide and forgave Bailey, Xyla might just think that something was wrong with her brain. Bailey had never been an easy person to deal with. “Okay.” Stanley gently pulled Xyla into his embrace with one hand while he held onto his cigarette with the other. “Forget it. Let’s take a shower after you’re done smoking. I feel much better now,” Xyla added. “Alright,” Stanley said. After Stanley was done smoking, he carried Xyla into the bathroom to take a shower. Throughout the process, Stanley

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