Chapter 543

It was because Xyla knew that Stanley Batton had never messed up anything in his life. Everything he did was flawless. “Xyla, Stan, what are you two talking about? Are you guys discussing your performance?” Bailey Ronson said again. Xyla simply smiled before she turned to meet her eyes. “You’re right. We’re going to sing.” Disbelief and confusion were swimming in Jeremy Quest’s eyes. “Are you serious?” However, Xyla responded to him with a confident nod. “Yes, Daddy. I’ll tell the host that my husband and I are going to sing after Ava Carter’s ‘From Now On’.” Having no other choices, Jeremy nodded. Getting up from her seat, Xyla strode toward the stage and whispered her request to the beautiful host standing aside. The host nodded her head without hesitation. With that out of the way, Xyla grinned at the host before returning to Stanley’s side. Soon, Ava Carter’s performance ended in a big round of applause. The beautiful host walked to the center of the stage with a stunni

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