Chapter 542

Coincidentally, Bailey Ronson walked past the few of them with a glass of wine in her hand in the middle of their conversation. When she heard Jeremy Quest’s words, she approached May Conner from behind without hesitation. She held onto the wine glass, which she was still drinking from, while her other was placed on May’s shoulder as she smiled at Jeremy. “What’s going on? Is Stan going to sing on the stage later? Can Stan sing?” May immediately picked up the conversation and turned to Bailey. “Of course. Xyla has said that our Stan can sing really well.” However, Bailey shook her head in disdain. “I don’t believe it…” May insisted, “Don’t you believe Xyla too? Xyla has said that our Stan sings much better than professional singers.” Bailey japed, “Well, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Stan is her husband, no doubt she’ll think that he’s a good singer. Professional singers are trained for years. Ordinary people are no match for professional singers anyway.” “How would you

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