Chapter 508

“Such a foolish master.” Zack Cassidy couldn’t resist cursing at Stanley Batton. In the room upstairs, Stanley tossed his phone aside and cleared everything in his mind. By the time Xyla woke up again, it was already evening. The sun was setting against the horizon. It seemed as if the world was covered in a tint of gold. The peach blossom forest also had a layer of gold over it, and it seemed as beautiful as what would appear in dreams. After getting up, Xyla felt an even worse ache in her body. It was as if her bones were being crushed. Stanley was hugging her. The warm light against his body melted away all the coldness around him. When Xyla moved a little, Stanley very quickly opened his eyes. He immediately held her even more tightly as he rubbed the crown of her head with his chin. “Are you up?” He asked. Xyla angrily punched him in the chest. “Hmm… Because of you, a lot of my work has been delayed. Give me back my time.” “How do you want me to give it back to you? On

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