Chapter 507

“You may say things casually, but I cannot take them casually,” Stanley Batton said before pressing Xyla Quest’s head against his chest. At such a close distance, Xyla could clearly hear his heart beating. Each heartbeat pulsed with strength. A sweet sensation began to spread in her heart. Although Xyla said something half-heartedly, Stanley took it seriously and made the fireworks go on for the entire night in the manor. She had her master to thank for this. If it weren’t for him, Xyla and Stanley wouldn’t have known how each other so soon. “Is anything wrong with your wound?” Stanley asked as he kissed her hair. The light scent of rose was almost like an addictive drug. “No…” Xyla said. Throughout the process, Stanley made sure to be very careful. Since Xyla’s surgery wound had basically healed, having sex for an extended period didn’t affect her wound. “That’s good,” Stanley said. Just like that, the two of them hugged each other to sleep. At a little after nine in the

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