Chapter 491

Stanley Batton snapped his phone shut and focused on marinating the steak. On the other hand, Sebastian Brenand and the guys continued teasing Stanley in the group for quite some time before they gradually calmed themselves down and discussed their gathering later in the evening. *** In the blink of an eye, the twilight faded to darkness and it was already night-time. Xyla Quest, who had finished her dinner, returned to her room. After putting on light makeup, she headed to the cloakroom and picked a black, polka dot knee-length dress, matching it with a snow white suit. Subsequently, she put on wine red stilettos and carried a black Chanel handbag. Satisfied with her own outfit, she left the house and walked to her car. She began to feel nervous as soon as she got into the car. While she was starting the car engine, she peeked at the clock and it showed seven o’clock sharp. This meant she would be meeting her husband in an hour. Would their negotiation go well today?

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