Chapter 490

“If that’s the case, has she been discharged? How’s she doing?” Henry Armstrong asked. “She’s been discharged long ago. She’s doing very well,” Stanley Batton answered. “Well then, Sebastian and I must come over to visit her. Wait for me. I’m coming back right now,” Henry added. “Don’t,” Stanley said without hesitation. “We’re just paying the sick a visit,” Henry said. “She doesn’t allow me to bring friends home,” Stanley added. “And you’re not going to just because she says so? Why are you so obedient?” Henry retorted. “Do you have a problem with that?” Stanley asked. “No… How would I even dare?” Henry rubbed his head, helplessly. “But I want to visit her. There’s nothing wrong with your friend visiting her, right?” Henry added. “Don’t get in our way,” Stanley said before hanging up right away. Henry felt thoroughly confused. He couldn’t resist cursing at Stanley. “What the hell has gotten into this friend of mine? Is he a person who values women over his friends?” After

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