Chapter 480

Stanley Batton slowly looked up at Wilson Batton with a curious gaze. “Didn’t Xyla just go through a surgery? You should spend more time looking after her. Don’t go to the office if you don’t have to and make her more herbal soup so that she can recover sooner. “Didn’t your mother send some supplements over to Xyla? Make use of them according to the given recipes, do you understand?” Wilson said seriously. “Okay,” Stanley said calmly. “Our loving father is also a loving husband,” Catherine Batton said with a smile. Wilson ruffled Catherine’s hair gently. “Men should indeed look after their wives. Only men who are good to their wives will succeed in life.” Catherine chuckled. “Hehe… I hope I can meet someone like my father in the future.” “You will,” Josh said. “If the man you end up meeting doesn’t treat you right, I’ll hire someone to kill him,” Wilson said. “I don’t care who he is, but if he dares hurt my sister, he will have to pay for it,” Stanley added. “That’s for sure,

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