Chapter 479

“Okay. I’ll make those for you in a bit,” Stanley Batton said. “Oh, right. I also want a bowl of cream of mushroom soup. Do you know how to make it?” Xyla Quest asked. “I don’t, but I can learn,” he said. “Oh, okay,” Xyla said. The high-level executives on Stanley’s computer screen were all dumbfounded. This woman had ordered their CEO to cook for her. She even said it matter-of-factly. It appeared as if their CEO cooked for her frequently. Could the cold and distant Stanley Batton have a soft side like this? Everyone looked at each other, as countless questions appeared in their minds. In the end, they all muted their microphones and began whispering among themselves. “Did I hear that wrongly? Does our CEO cook in his private life? It’s impossible to imagine our demon king wearing an apron and making soup.” “No way… Who is this woman? Our CEO has broken the rules for her more than once. Oh my god. Isn’t she amazing?” “I have no idea, and I dare not ask. My entire family is s

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